Who needs to complete the Raptor Sports School Registration Form?


Answer: All new and returning athletes for each session (fall, winter, spring and summer). Please visit our website to complete the registration form – The direct link is here: https://raptorsports.org/registration/


Can we pay cash or check at the first practice or do we have to submit payment online only?


You are welcome to pay cash or check at the first practice.  For cash payments, please obtain a receipt!  You can also pay online, please note there is a 3% convenience fee added.


Practice times and locations?


Please view our website calendar – all practices are listed including times, days and locations.  The direct link is here: https://raptorsports.org/raptor-sports-org-google-calendar/


Do current USA Water Polo Members need to re-register with USA Water Polo at the beginning of each Raptor Session?


No, your current USA Water Polo membership is valid until 12/31/2018.


Questions regarding payment or balances due?


Please contact Co-Director, Alex Matal via email alex@raptorsports.org or call 626-347-0762


Who do I contact regarding specific age group programs?


High School Boys Water Polo Program Manager –Bryce Winton  – bryce@raptorsports.org

High School Girls Water Polo Program Manager –Bryan Canchola – bryan@raptorsports.org

Youth Boys and Girls Water Polo Program Manager – Alex Matal  – alex@raptorsports.org

Swim Program Manager –Tyler Watkins – tyler@raptorsports.org

Goalies  – Tim Tobin – tim@raptorsports.org

Who do I contact regarding general questions about Raptor Sports School?

Club Directors Tim Tobin and Alex Matal – tim@raptorsports.org and alex@raptorsports.org